New Smartphones Coming Soon: 10 of the Hottest Upcoming Devices that are Buzzing the Market

There are several new smartphones coming soon to mesmerize all the tech enthusiasts. Samsung Galaxy Fold will hit the market on April 26. LG will release the V50 ThinQ 5G in the Q2. As usual Apple will introduce its new iPhones in September. All the other major manufacturers, including Sony and Xiaomi, will also release their new smartphones soon. You will find the top 10 upcoming phones right here.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Since being revealed in February, Galaxy Fold has managed to create a massive buzz. But it hasn’t hit the market yet. However, you will not have to wait long to grab it. According to the latest reports, the device will enter the US in April 26. There are all sorts of things to mesmerize you. It has a foldable 7.3-inch QXGA + Dynamic AMOLED display. When folded, it becomes a 4.6-inch device. There are six cameras on the rear, which is incredible. It is the hottest device among the other new smartphones coming soon in the US.

LG V50 ThinQ 5G

LG revealed V50 ThinQ at this year’s MWC. It’s the manufacturer’s very first 5G phone. However, there has been no announcement about the potential release date. We expect it to hit the market somewhere in Q2. The device will have all the latest components, like X50 modem, to give you a smooth 5G experience. The inclusion of 4000 mAh battery has made it chunky. But on the bright side, the large battery has enabled the device to last longer than its predecessor. Among the other new smartphones coming soon from LG, the V50 is the most anticipated model.

Sony Xperia 1

The Xperia 1 has replaced the Xperia XZ as Sony’s flagship phone. It has pretty much the same specs as the other high-end phones on this list. It has been packed with the Snapdragon 855 processor, Adreno 640 GPU and 6 GB RAM. But more interestingly, Xperia 1 is the very first phone to feature the 4K display. So, you will be blown away while watching 4K movies in it. This single feature has helped it to stand out among the other new smartphones coming soon. Xperia 1 will hit the market in Spring 2019.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is rumored to be released on October 2018. There will be several major upgrades. An additional periscope might be included in the rear camera. Also, there has been rumors about the inclusion of foldable screen. The device will be powered by the Snapdragon 855 processor. It will also have 6 GB RAM as standard, with 8 GB or 10 GB options available. Overall, it will have everything to compete strongly against all the new smartphones coming soon in 2019.

Honor 20 – Huawei’s One of the New Smartphones Coming Soon with a High Mega Pixel Range

Honor 20 is expected to be launched on May 21. It will come with a number of exciting features. The most significant one is the 48-MP lenses on the rear camera. It will be accompanied by 20-MP and 8-MP lenses. As a result, you will be able to take stunning shots. In fact, the triple camera setup is capable enough to take out most of the new smartphones coming soon. The megapixel range of the selfie camera will be also staggering. There has been rumors about a 32-MP front shooter.

OnePlus 7

OnePlus 7 is arriving in the next month. It’s going to be an affordably priced, high-end phone. It will be packed with the Snapdragon 855 processor, Adreno 640 GPU and a 6.5-inch AMOLED display. But more interestingly, the device will have the massive 12 GB RAM. Following the trend of the other flagship phones, OnePlus 7 will have a triple camera setup. However, the megapixel range will be incredibly high (48-MP + 20-MP + 5-MP). Overall, OnePlus 7 will be a true flagship killer.

Galaxy Note 10 – Samsung’s One of the New Smartphones Coming Soon with larger Display

Galaxy Note 10 will be even bigger than the current generation Galaxy Note 9. It will have a 6.66-inch display, up from 6.4-inch. As a result, the usable area will be increased by 8%. There will be several design changes. For instance, it will have punch-hole style cutout for the front shooter. The processor will be upgraded to Snapdragon 855 processor, offering a major performance boost. However, following the path of other manufacturers, Samsung might exclude 3.5 mm headphone socket from the Note 10. It will certainly not please everyone. Nonetheless, Galaxy Note 10 will have everything to be the best phablet of this year. It will see its debut in August.

Motorola Moto Z4 Play

Moto Z4 is one of the hottest upcoming mid-range phones of this year. It will have a 6.22-inch display with 1080p resolution. Due to the large size, you will have a more enjoyable time watching movies and playing games. Under the hood, Moto Z4 contains Snapdragon 675 processor, Adreno 612 GPU and 6 GB RAM. There will be a single 48-MP lens on the rear and a single 16-MP lens on the front. While there are a lot of new smartphones coming soon in the mid-range market, none of them seems to be as complete and powerful as Moto Z4 Play. So, it’s a device that you should keep a close eye on.

iPhone XS2 – Apple’s One of the New Smartphones Coming Soon without Lightning Port

iPhone XS2 will be Apple’s flagship phone of this year. There is a strong chance for it for being launched in September. There will be a number of changes. The screen notch will be reduced to give iPhone XS2 a fresh look. An upgraded Gorilla glass will be used. As a result, the screen will become even tougher than the predecessor. There will be no Lightning port. Instead, the USB-C port will be used. Also, Apple will finally listen to the fan’s desire of getting a triple lens setup on the rear. So, there’s a lot of things to be excited about.

Google Pixel 4

Pixel 4 is Google’s next flagship phone. It will have several major changes. There will be no notch. Instead, the display will cover the entire front. The dual-lens selfie camera and dual-speakers will be built directly onto the display. As a result, Pixel 4 will look totally different from its predecessor. The hardware will be completely overhauled. With the Snapdragon 855 processor and upgraded GPU, it will be able to deliver a solid gaming experience. Google Pixel 4 will see its debut in October.

New Smartphones Coming Soon: Conclusion

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