Best Photo Editing App List: Top 10 Apps for Customizing Images Vividly on Mobile Devices

The best photo editing app allows you to capture the attention by utilizing great tools and effects. In fact, it can go toe to toe with the lightweight desktop editors. So, you don’t have to edit the images on your PC. With hundreds of photo editing apps available on the market, you are very likely to go through a very tough time finding the best ones. To help you, we have compiled this list of the 10 best photo editing apps for mobile devices. They help you to add vivid customization to your shots. Take a look at them.

1. Snapseed – The Best Photo Editing App to Use in 2019

Snapseed gives you an advanced photo editing experience on your mobile device. In fact, it can compete against the desktop photo editors. Thanks to the addition of a huge range of features. It also comes preloaded with several filters. But unlike the other editors, they are customizable. So, you can create your own filter from scratch. There are several unique features. For instance, with the precision masking option, you can customize the depth of the field. Also, you can utilize Selective Adjust tool to modify the saturation, contrast and brightness of a specific area. Intuitive user interface, awesome features and the ability to save edit history make Snapseed the best photo editing app on the market right now.  


VSCO has been in the market for a long time. It is considered as one of the best photo editing apps of this generation. Like Instagram, it combines camera, editing tools and community in a brilliant way. There are various amazing filters that can make your shots look like the ones taken with the analog film camera. By using them masterfully, you can outclass the photos edited with the presets on Instagram. As always, you can modify the exposure, temperature and skin tones. Once you are done, share the edited photos with the community and become a star on social media.

3. Prisma Photo Editor – Best Photo Editing App for Artistic Effects

Do you want to transform your photo into artistic paintings or drawings? Prisma Photo Editor is the best choice for you. It utilizes the artificial neural network to make the photos look like they were painted by the professional artists. There are tons of similar apps on the Play Store. But none of them utilizes the specific technology. So, they cannot come anywhere close to the Prisma Photo Editor in terms of quality. There is also a generous set of filters. But you will have to pay money to get all of their access.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop is a big name in the world of desktop image editing tools. The Express is its mobile version. While not being as powerful as the PC counterpart, it still has a lot to offer. You can crop the photo and adjust the exposure of your shot. There are a variety of blur options, along with a healing tool. Like the other best photo editing apps, Photoshop Express lets you create your own preset. So, you can quickly edit the images on your mobile with the desired effect.

5. PhotoDirector

In terms of multipurpose options, PhotoDirector is the best photo editing app for your mobile devices. It can work as a camera app and an image editing at the same time. By utilizing the in-app camera option, you can apply live photo effects in your shots. There are a variety of artistic effects to choose from, like Lomo and Vignette. You will also find several unique features. The Content-Aware tool removes unwanted objects. On the other hand, Dehaze tool eliminates haze, fog and mist from the frame. PhotoDirector is free to download with several in-app purchases. The app works perfectly in both high-end and mid-range smartphones.

6. Foodie – Best Photo Editing App for Food Images

As the name suggests, Foodie has been specifically designed to take the photos of your favorite foods. It has numerous live filters, such as Yum, Positano and Picnic. By mastering them, you can take the look of the food to a whole new level. To help the users to take the shots comfortably, the app comes with smart guides. It can easily take top-down photos. It also shows a fabulous performance in taking top view shots in the bird’s eye. If you share food pics frequently on social media, Foodie is the best photo editing app that you can get right now.

7. Pics Art Photo Studio

With over 100 million downloads and the 4.5 star feedback rating, Pics Art Photo Studio has become one of the best photo editing apps of all time. It has been packed with a huge number of features. You can add double exposures by utilizing the layers. Brush mode is another cool feature. It allows you to apply effects on a specific part of the photo. Similar to Photo Director, it has built-in camera with live effects. In addition, the app comes with AI-powered effects, which are evolving rapidly.

8. Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor Photo Editor comes with a wide range of photo effects. By applying them, you can bring tons of styles to the frame, such as Film, Vintage and B&W. There are plenty of collage templates, like Classic and Magazine. Also, the app features 10 customizable edit options. You can use them to tweak various aspects, like brightness, exposure and contrast. Apart from an editor, Fotor also works as a licensing platform. So, it’s an all-in-one solution.

9. AirBrush

With user-friendly retouch tools and cool filter options, Airbrush has become one of the best photo editing apps on the market. It can remove blemishes and pimple effectively. It can also whiten your teeth and brighten your eyes. There are various artistic retouching features. By utilizing them, you can bring a perfect skin tone in every photo. The app has a variety of natural and radiant filters, helping you to add a great finish touch. You can make the edit in real time, just after taking the shot.

10. Toolwiz Photos

Toolwiz Photos has over 200 powerful tools, enabling you to bring a gorgeous look to every shot. You can do a plenty of things with them. You can change the faces, remove red eye and slim the body. There are 40+ magic filters. Also, the app has a large collection of art filters. In addition, it has tons of image processing tools. You can use them to resize your photo, make magic cutouts and correct the lens. In terms of the huge number of features and versatility, Toolwiz is the best photo editing app out there.

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